center of gravity
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Ronald Noorman
center of gravity - August 31 until October 05, 2013


Ronald Noorman has chosen drawing as the primary vehicle for his imagination. What attracts him in drawing is the directness of the medium. Drawing reduces to a minimum the distance between idea, hand movement and the sign appearing on the paper, from the perspective of both time and space. The technical tools –pencil, crayon, water-colour, gouache- are a lot less inflexible than oil paint, copperplate, or stone and naturally lend themselves more easily to experimentation: failures or rejects are referred to the bin. However, drawing knows no mercy; wiping or covering up of errors is virtually impossible. Moreover, it seems as if the viewer is able to look over the shoulder of the artists; that is how direct the contact is. The slightest hesitation, mistake or change of mind is immediately observed.
(Carel van Tuyll van Serooskerken)

Gallery Werner Klein shows in the third exhibition a selection of drawings made during the last thirty years. Ronald Noorman lives and works at Amsterdam (NL). His drawings, prints and artist books are part of famous private and public collections.

Ronald Noorman about his working process:
„On some days after I wake up I directly climb the narrow stairs up to the fourth floor of the narrow house in Amsterdam where I live with my family. Up there is my studio. Already on the way up I am wondering where the journey with paper, coal and crayon will take me today. Will I draw at the table or - like so often - on my knies on the ground, away from the window, sheet after sheet, until the floor is covered with drawings and I have drawn my way out of the studio into the narrow corridor where my wife Rijkje will find me later.“