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Bettina Blohm
Drawings and Paintings - June 15 until July 13, 2013


We are proud to announce the second solo show of works by Bettina Blohm at Werner Klein Gallery, Cologne.
Bettina Blohm was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1961. In 1984, after finishing her studies at Art Academy, Munich, she moved to New York City. In 2009, she established a second studio in Berlin where she now spends several months a year.

The exhibition will focus on recent paintings as well as drawings from the last 20 years.

Bettina Blohm about her working process:
I use the abstract formal language in order to address our perception of nature as well as what constitutes a landscape. Human and aerial views are often juxtaposed. The horizon is an independent line, a space divider or border that may be multiplied or negated. Shapes signify basic components of landscape: tree, bush, hill, river, lake. Color is abstract or inspired by visual memories. Pattern, color field, or gestures invent topography. As simple as they often look, my paintings are in fact painstakingly slow in their construction. Rarely do I finish a picture in less than 6 months. Layer upon layer is built up through a mixture of planning and intuition; whole areas get washed off with turpentine and then repainted. Through this process the paintings acquire their own history, like fictional characters. I think of the result as something parallel to Nature. My great influences have been Henri Matisse, all the Abstract Expressionists except Jackson Pollock, and Asian landscape painting. As a painter, I work in a medium that has a long history and that allows me to build on an inherited vocabulary and invent my own language.

Works of Bettina Blohm are part of important museum collections as well as private collections. This fall the Kunsthalle Bremen will present the show “Touched by Nature: Landscape Drawings of the Romantic Movement and the Present“. (opening 7.9.2013). This exhibition will include a representative selection of Master Drawings as well as oil sketches from the first half of the 19th century, taken from the rich holdings of the Kunsthalle’s Department of Prints and Drawings and shown in an exciting dialogue with landscape drawings by contemporary artists as Bettina Blohm.