2000 - 2020
The direct view


Hanns Schimansky
2000 - 2020
The variety of colour
The Variety of Line II
The Variety of Line I
Barbara Camilla Tucholski



2000 - 2020 - August 29 until October 24, 2020
Karoline Bröckel, Christian Frosch, Katharina Hinsberg, Linda Karshan, Anne Koskinen, Malte Spohr, Christiane Löhr, Barbara Camilla Tucholski, Wonkun Jun, Sebastian Rug, Bettina Blohm, Hanns Schimansky, Heinrich Küpper, Thomas Müller, Jürgen Partenheimer, Rozbeh Asmani, Danica Phelps, Sebastijan Zupancic, Christian Weihrauch, Maja Majer-Wallat


20 years Galerie Werner Klein, there are many reasons to celebrate:

20 years of encounters with artists in the studio and discovering together and explore their work,
20 years of encounters with collectors in the gallery's exhibitions and sharing the experience of looking at the works of art,
20 years of encounters with art historians and journalists whose thoughts in articles and catalogue texts contribute to the understanding of the works of art,
20 years of encounters with curators and the possibility of enriching institutional exhibitions with loans and integrating works into public collections,
20 years of encounters with interested visitors in 120 solo and group shows,

20 years of encounters in which everyone together has made the Werner Klein Gallery a place to look and listen closely and to share the joy of the unfathomable.

In October 2000, Galerie Werner Klein opened in downtown Cologne. n 2006 the gallery moved to its current location, a factory building from the beginning of the 20th century in the south of Cologne. From the very beginning, the focus has been on minimalist conceptual works, since 2003 mostly from the field of contemporary drawing.

In the gallery's 120th exhibition, the anniversary exhibition, we show works by all 20 artists represented by the gallery:

Rozbeh Asmani, Karoline Bröckel, Bettina Blohm, Christian Frosch, Katharina Hinsberg, Wonkun Jun, Linda Karshan, Anne Koskinen, Heinrich Küpper, Christiane Löhr, Maja Majer-Wallat, Thomas Müller, Jürgen Partenheimer, Danica Phelps, Sebastian Rug, Hanns Schimansky, Malte Spohr, Barbara Camilla Tucholski, Christian Weihrauch, Sebastijan Zupancic

Images of installation: David Ertl.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the current protection regulations of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, we ask all visitors to bring along a nose-mouth protection and to observe the hygiene and distance rules. The exhibition can always be visited by up to 10 people at the same time.