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Klaus Mosettig
Empfindungshektik - August 21 until September 18, 2021


We are looking forward to our first solo exhibition with the draftsman Klaus Mosettig, born in Graz in 1975 and living in Vienna and Berlin. In addition to drawings of the work groups "Withdrawal" and "Informel", we show for the first time to the public works of the new work group "Typeface Corona".

Klaus Mosettig draws, all the time, and full of passion within a self-chosen strict set of rules. His medium is the sharpened pencil. His stylistic device is the hatching. His tool for transforming his models is the slide projector. He finds the models for his often large-format drawings in artists such as Jackson Pollock or Josef Albers and in his own world.

Klaus Mosettig selects the models for his drawings, which are created in series, very carefully. He knows how time-consuming it is to make detailed drawings using the technique he has developed. With the help of a slide projector, he projects a slide onto drawing paper mounted on the wall and begins to transfer the motif with sharpened pencils in hatching executed with constant pressure from botem left to top right. After days, often weeks or months, a single drawing is finished. A lot of time is tied up in this way, which the viewer can experience by looking closely at and experiencing each individual stroke.

The group of works "withdrawals" (2012 - 2015) comprises 38 drawings. They are drawn transfers in the original format of images from the series Homage to the Square by Josef Albers. Mosettig extracts the colors from the originals and finds gray tones for them. Through his hatchings with different pencil hardnesses, the tonal values of the colors combined by Albers and the vibration of the squares set into each other come to the fore.

For the group of works "Informel" (2014 - 2017), small-format drawings by the artist's daughter, aged between 10 and 24 months, served as models for large-format drawings. As with his works based on Jackson Pollock's Drip Paintings, the spontaneity and gestures of the original work are not recreated in the artist's own creative process, but are deceptively similar in the drawing.

As a reaction to the Corona-conditioned retreat to the narrowest private world, Mosettig decides in the spring of 2020, unlike in all previous groups of works, to produce his drawing models for the group of works "Typeface Corona" himself. He smears, splatters glass slide frames in a sometimes angry manner and projects them onto paper. To accompany the pictures, some of which are very time-consuming to produce, he draws on the lower edge of the picture terms and text fragments - such as Empfindungshektik or Frustrationstoleranz - that appear in the media or in private conversations, in books or in memory in the coming months. The typeface "Corona" used for this purpose gives the group of works its name with bitter irony.

There is much that can be written about works of art, but nothing can substitute for seeing them, for experiencing them directly. In the case of Klaus Mosettig's drawings, this is particularly important.

The artist will be present at the opening. We look forward to seeing you.

Photos of the show: David Ertl