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works on paper - June 02 until July 14, 2007
Christian Frosch, Katharina Hinsberg, Linda Karshan, James Howell, Jill Baroff, Julia Mangold


The show is the result of a collaboration of Galerie Werner Klein in Cologne and Gallery N. von Bartha in London. Works on paper of three artist of each gallery will be presented together to the public in Cologne and London showing the power of minimal expression in our time.

Jill Baroff’s Tide Drawings are making time visible. The grid patterns based on tidal readings are describing the perpetually moving seas at given locations (Annapolis, Osaka and Corpus Christi, Texas).

Christian Frosch calls his new works Paperdeck. Boat lacquer is sandwiched between two paper blocks. After a period of time hunging horizontally the panels get separate. Once dry the two panels are shown as a diptych in one frame.

Katharina Hinsberg is making the measurement of space visible. She cuts out thin lines painted in red Acrylic Colour on paper and presents these fragile drawings on the wall as well as she transforms the size of a wall with a red ribbon opposite to it self

Decades ago James Howell decided to work exclusively with the colour grey. The pursuit of unlimited possibilities within what first appears to be a simple boundaries, reveals an underlying notion that reality may not finally be an edge, but a range.

Since twenty years Linda Karshan drawings are the result of a kind of counting-meditation, released from the creative will of the artist. With big certainty she draws four lines along the edge of the sheet. She describes the ORLO as the most dominant form of the last two years showing, if not proving, that length, width, and quality of line are enough to describe the entire subject.

Julia Mangold works on paper consists of a transparent sheet in front of a white paper, both have been worked on with wax and graphite. Similar to her sculptures the drawings are delicate and powerful at the same time.

A catalogue accompanying the exhibition is available at the gallery.

Artists of Gallery Werner Klein, Cologne:
Christian Frosch (*1968, lives and works at Munich)
Katharina Hinsberg (*1967, lives and works at Düsseldorf)
Linda Karshan (*1947, lives and works at London and Connecticut, USA)

Artists of Gallery N. von Bartha, London:
Jill Baroff (*1954, lives and works at Brooklyn)
James Howell (*1935, lives and works at New York City, NY)
Julia Mangold (*1966, lives and works at Munich and Portland Oregon)