The Variety of Line I
70 plus


Hanns Schimansky
2000 - 2020
The variety of colour
The Variety of Line II
The Variety of Line I
Barbara Camilla Tucholski



The Variety of Line I - March 18 until April 18, 2020
Katharina Hinsberg, Malte Spohr, Christiane Löhr, Sebastian Rug, Sebastijan Zupancic


Visits by appointement.

Due to the progressive spread of the corona virus in Germany, Italy, France and numerous other countries, the DRAWING NOW ART FAIR in Paris was cancelled at the end of March. There are considerations to postpone it to a later date.

We wanted to show drawings by Christiane Löhr there. Her large-format oil pastel drawing was awarded the MASTER NOW label by the selection committee of the fair this year. Works by Katharina Hinsberg, Sebastian Rug, Malte Spohr and Sebastijan Zupancic were also to be exhibited.

We would like to give everyone the opportunity to view the works, some of which are completely new, in a presentation in the gallery. We are looking forward to your visit.

Hinsberg combines two different tempos in her works: in the case of the group of works Lacunae, she quickly covers the paper with red vertical lines at a fine distance from each other and, in a second lengthy step, she removes sections of these lines with a scalpel. Just as patiently Zupancic glues his collages from finely cut strips of paper. He then draws ink or pencil lines along these strips or at right angles to them. Rug draws fabric-like structures with the smallest of strokes. He changes the degree of brightness of the drawn surfaces simply by using fewer or more drawing planes. Spohr has devoted himself entirely to the horizontal line. Inspired by the observation of natural phenomena of light and shadow, he uses pencil or chalk to structure the entire sheet space. Löhr, known for her fine architectural objects made of seeds, dedicates her serial works on paper to the possibilities of dividing the space of a leaf by lines. Sometimes this is done with the finest pencil lines, sometimes with broad oil pastel strokes, which often appear organic, especially in large format.

Variety and multitude of lines are equally what connects the exhibited works. They represent the time and attention that the artists have devoted to the creation of their works. Let us take the time to look closely.