The variety of colour


Hanns Schimansky
2000 - 2020
The variety of colour
The Variety of Line II
The Variety of Line I
Barbara Camilla Tucholski



The variety of colour - June 03 until July 04, 2020
Christian Frosch, Barbara Camilla Tucholski, Wonkun Jun, Bettina Blohm, Rozbeh Asmani, Danica Phelps


For your and our protection, we will refrain from being together at an opening. You can visit the gallery during opening hours. It is helpful to make an appointment in advance. Please bring a mouth/nose protection with you.

While the exhibitions "The Variety of Line I and II" focused on the varied use of the line, in "The Variety of Colour" we show the different uses of color as an artistic medium. Many of the exhibited works by Rozbeh Asmani, Bettina Blohm, Christian Frosch, Wonkun Jun, Danica Phelps, and Barbara Camilla Tucholski are being shown for the first time in an exhibition.

Asmani finds the motifs of his works in the field of trademark protection. In the four-part work "Bounty" from 2019, he takes up the South Sea panorama, which the company Mars Incorporated had appropriated for the chocolate bar of the same name - a place of longing especially in these times. Blohm draws abstract landscape impressions with colored pencils plein air. Free compositions with oil on canvas are created in her New York studio. For twenty years, Frosch has been surprising us with the results of the experimental series of his "Painting Research". In the works of the new cycle EW coloured ice cubes take over the painting. Wonkun Jun paints series of abstract paintings by superimposing thirty or more layers of acrylic paint on top of each other, as in the new striped paintings. For many years, Phelps has been making her income and expenses as an artist visible on small-format tableaux in a combination of drawing and small red and green strokes, each stroke being a placeholder for a dollar earned and spent. Since mid-2019 she has been using a similar concept to create drawings in combination with sweeping powerful red and green lines on medium-format paper. For over thirty years, Tucholski has been drawing in the open air, inspired by the colour tones surrounding her, and captures them with oil paint on sheets of paper measuring 24 x 32 cm, always the same paper she uses for her series of drawings.
The power of the colours and the emotions they evoke help us to turn our gaze away for moments from all limitations towards a world without boundaries.

Due to the extensive restrictions on contact, we have postponed the solo exhibition with objects by Maja Majer-Wallat, planned for June, until January 2021.

After the exhibition "Die Vielfalt der Farbe" the gallery goes into summer break. The autumn season begins with the exhibition "20 years Galerie Werner Klein". We will inform you in time about the form in which we will open the exhibition and celebrate this joyful event with you.